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Lets skip the apologies for being a horrible blog writer this year, lets just trust that I will definitely be doing better in the future. Yes, lets also ignore that Ive said the above line more times than should be allowed, I just said I would do better.

Now, I'm here today to tell you guys about one of my babies, no not the kind that keeps you up all night wanting to pull your hair out, oh wait, this baby does do that , but at least there are no diapers involved, I digress. I'm here to tell you guys that my favorite comedy show and not just because I created it, is coming to Atlanta, GA. In my head after that announcement I heard mad cheers, and saw confetti falling from the ceiling, yes thats how excited this is.

I created The Cool Kids of Comedy Show, because getting stage time in LA is hard, you deal with politics, male egos, and a lot of proving yourself over and over again (which I don't mind). I'm all for paying dues, but, I'm also Jasmin Leigh and I don't like waiting for opportunities, I create them!!! So I created the Cool Kids of Comedy, a place where I can get all the stage time I want while talking about whatever I want, (muhahahaha)a place filled with high energy where you can come relax and laugh. A place where I could book my cool ass funny friends ,who talk about things that interest me, (judge yourself).

This year I had no idea what I wanted to do for my birthday, but, I knew I wanted to perform so I hit up my usual birthday performance spots here in LA ,and was hit with the "I'll see". Living in LA I get sick and tired of hearing "I'll see", you can't plan for Jasmin Day with "I'll see". So, I decided I wanted to go to ATL ,so I could spend my birthday with my favorite Libra, but, the ATL comedy clubs gave me that same" I'll see" so I decided to see for my self . I took matters into my own hands and decided it was time the "COOL KIDS" hit the road , an idea my Mother called me with after I produced the very first one in January.

I have never lived in ATL, I've only visited so obviously I'm scared out of my mind, is anyone going to show up, are the comics going to be funny , am I going to forget how to speak??? I have learned you have to shut off the negative voices in your head, I don't have time to focus on what might go wrong I need to use all of my energy towards what will go right.

I'm challenging everyone reading this right now, to go out and do something that makes your heart pound, fight through the fear and do what makes you happy, what will make you money, what will make you smile from the inside out . I'm also challenging everyone reading this to tell everyone they know in ATL that the "Cool Kids" are on there way and they better buy a ticket now. Come on guys did you think I wouldn't say it I had to write it I had to .

Fear is a Figment of your imagination it doesn't exist, so start living life as if no one is watching ......

As Always its Jasmins World


Grab your tickets by clicking the link below and if you can't make it feel free to purchase a ticket anyway to bless someone else with a free show..

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