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Adventures of JasminLeigh Fashion Nova trip

Yoooo first of all 2017 is about to be done wow my year was amazing, blog coming soon!!!!!

Ok excitement over let's get down to business I told you all I would be blogging and vlogging and I didn't lie, I just suck at procrastination. Also I'm a bit of a perfectionist, whatever I put out is usually to the best of my ability, but my ability, aka my Samsung, sucks because I've dropped it so much. I won't let that be a reason Im not putting content out so bare with me as my quality will improve.

Without further ado check out my second vlog of the year, Adventures of Jasmin Leigh my trip to Fashion Nova ..

Watch, like share hate do whatever you like just leave it in the comments ....

Until next time

As always it's Jasmin's World xoxoxoxo

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