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Its the first of the Mooonth Last Month of the Yeeeeeaaar #Dreamcember

Wow its December, where TF did the year go??? I've grown so much over this past year and I just had to take a deep breath to take it all in. November was hard for me, I'm not sure why maybe its knowing I can't be home for Thanks Giving or maybe something happened to me as a child and I need to be hypnotized to remember what, yes I know too much TV, but I was freekin out. I was freekin out about all the things I hadn't yet accomplished this year, my mind immediately went to wondering where I could have been. Truth is I'm right where I'm supposed to be, 2017 was a huge year for me I did a lot and learned even more. So then I turned my focus on to what I could do in this last month to make sure I ended 2017 with a bang.

For years I have talked about making a vision board, I've looked up how toos on google more times then I can count , I'v e also asked people in person how they went about making theirs. Yet, I kept putting off making mine, I was afraid of what might happen if I put my dreams on this board and they didn't come true,if the dreams stay in my head then they never really existed so if they don't happen it would be less of a blow, ohhhh mind f#($ , it would make me less of a failure. See people always tell me how strong and brave I am, but, they don't know the constant struggle for me to continuously push myself further, especially when some times we are our own biggest critic and most times, I'm way too deep in my head. Putting my dreams on that board ,my visions, makes those dreams real, its like a contract a commitment, and I hate commitment. This is why I do most things without talking to someone first, if I'm the only one I'm doing it for I don't have to worry about disappointing others. Usually, once others get involved and start cheering me on, I quit or pull back ,because I'm afraid of what will happen if I give it my 100%. So if I face my visions, that means I have to make them true, that was/ is hard for me, but then it clicked, if I want different results try something different.

Not only was I trying something different, I was conquering a fear I didn't even know I had. I went to Ralphs, because dollar tree wasn't open yet, still mad about this, got supplies bought some magazines, and went home to cut everything out. When I was done I put everything on the dining room table and watched it for days. It wasn't until my cousin said, " are you planning on cleaning that up," that I finally pulled myself together. Mondays give me motivation, may have something to do with IG ,but it does. So ,it was a Monday that I finally put on my big girl panties (thongs not grannies) and I finished my vision board. Its on lime green poster board, because its my favorite color, and in big bold blue and red bubble letters it says, "vision board," in case I forget what its for, not really. I love it and I'm so proud of myself for conquering a fear and can't wait to manifest my visions, dreams into coming true.

Its the last month of 2017, Dreamcember, I challenge all of you to make a vision board of your own or conquer a fear you have had through out the year, or finish up that project you've been procrastinating on.. Whatever you do make this month count!!

Happy December I will have plenty of blog and vlog entries through out the month promise!!!

Until next time as always its Jasmin's World!!!!!


photo by Troy Conrad

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