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Music rules the Heart

Im not the one you run to when you want to know about new music, I play Pandora on the regular and more times than not I'm listening to a comedy station, 90s music or Pretty Ricky do not even start to judge me. I hear new music from my friends and boos, whatever they are listening to is what I am listening to. So over the years certain songs for me became attached to certain people. I can't hear some songs without my heart skipping a beat or a smile creeping up to my face.

T Pain I cant believe it was one song that I loved because my best friend got so excited when it came on. Her face would light up and she would immediately start salsa dancing the night away even though it is not a latin song. So every single time I hear that song my heart smiles because I remember all the wild and crazy times we had together.

Can I hit it in the morning by J.Cole and Drake now when i hear this song my heart doesn't know how to feel because this was the song that I listened to most that summer I met my soul mate. I met this girl that I fell head over heels for immediately and then she broke my heart. So when I hear hit it in the morning my heart is confused it doesn't know whether to cry, laugh, or smile because the song holds some of my best and worst memories. Like damn I cant even listen to the Cole Album without thinking of my ex because I would have never known the album cover to cover if that wasn't her favorite artist at the time. Me listening to what she liked connected us more and its crazy because J.Cole lyrics always brings us back together until this very day like no lie talked to her yesterday.

I didn't realize how much I attached myself to the music choices of the person I liked until recently probably because I haven't really liked anyone in a while but these days I've been obsessed with listening to Good Drank, a song that I probably would have loved anyway because my spirit animal raps it, but lets be real as I said I never hear new music. So because of you I have a new favorite song and right now every time I hear Good Drank my heart skips a beat, and I get lost in the song, no matter what i was feeling before it is immediately replaced with mushy gushy thoughts and its not only because pretty girls love trap music....

p.s. I"m also obsessed with the WHOLE 4:44 album and this one is solely off my love for Jay and every time I listen to 4:44 the actual song I cry because I think of all the people I hurt. I apologize to the people I dated when emotionally I was not ready to let you in. That song speaks to the hearts of dirt bags across America and if you knew me in college you know I was a self proclaimed dirt bag. But now I'm at a place where I'm ready to let go, I'm tired of running from my feelings, ready to fall whether or not there is someone there to catch me. I wish I could have a do over with a certain ex I wish that I wasn't so emotionless, I wish I didn't push you away in fear that you would leave on your own. I'm sorry I didn't allow you inside of my heart. I constantly wonder how things would have been if I wasn't so cold if I let you hold me when I was having a bad day instead of pretending that shit didn't exists.

p.p.s. After writing this I feel a huge release I keep so many thoughts in out of fear of hurting others feelings but I can no longer live like this

What are some songs that hold good memories for you comment below because I want to know which songs make your heart skip a beat or shed a tear,

Catch the next live episode of Jasmin's World on July 13th 7 pm pst on we will dicuss this post

Until Next time As Always Its Jasmin's World !!!


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