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It feels so good it, it sounds so good, it looks mmm so good, it taste so good. When you hold me I sink into you, I don't feel anything else, the world stops my feet leave the ground and I'm enveloped in your energy our energy becomes one. I never want to leave your side I could listen to your voice for hours, you sound like my favorite song, when I'm with you its my favorite day over and over again. You and me we just click you are my favorite pair of heels, the ones I feel sexiest in yet always so comfortable. Your lips are so inviting they taste like hot yeast rolls straight out the oven drizzled with honey butter and of course its my favorite bread to eat. I get lost in your eyes,so full of mystery yet you make me want to tell you my deepest thoughts, I want you to know me to feel me, to listen to me, to look at me, to taste me......

It felt so good, it use to sound good, it looked good, it tasted good but you are gone..........

Sometimes I have to let go of the thoughts in my head I write to release and lately I've been focused on writing the perfect jokes but haven"t allowed myself to release through my writing. To let go to not think just write I challenge you all to just sit down and write whatever comes to your head and share if you dare. Oh shiiiiii I"ma poet and didnt know it!!!

As always its Jasmin's World!!!! Until next time


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