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Whoa, I will be 30 on September 29 and I don't know if I'm ready, growing up I never really planned for 30 as it was so far away but sheesh it creeped up. I thought that I would be married with a child, through a surrogate because I didn't want stretch marks until I realized you get them anyway ugh, and thriving in my career by age 25. Well 25 came and went, I was super single, didn't even have a beau, was serving at a restaurant , and partying like every second was my last. Do I feel that I have grown in these 5 years,well yes, I have cut down my partying and drinking from 7 days to about 3 or 4 and my priorities have started to change, my f@!$ level has decreased, my statuses are still about partying or what I'm going to wear, but also include rants and raves about inequality in America ,now thats adult HA, but am I ready for 30. My other 30 year old friends post about babies, diapers, Mommy and me dates, cleaning techniques, 401 ks and ish I don't even think about , so I ask am I ready for 30???

Where is the" living in your 30's hand book," so I can know how to act, am I still allowed to twerk in the club? I don't know how 30 year olds dress, do I need to go buy a Hillary pants suit, can I still show a little cheekage can I still be Beyonce everyday. Does my diet change now, will I have to start drinking prune juice and really leave cheese alone for good? These are the questions I need answers to so I can be the best 30 year old ever.

Low key I'm terrified to turn the big 30, according to society I'm a piece of shit, I constantly see my corporate friends talk about promotions and business meetings, I don't even have a career, I'm still serving, now at "Bubba Gumps", a word I hate typing and saying, although low key love my job. I have no prospects for marriage, I'm still out here jumping from one situation-ship to the next with no hopes of commitment. I'm still that "filler" chick, the one you have fun with after a breakup or while you decide who the girl you REALLY want to be with is, I'm still considered a vacation girl from your "real life". I don't have any real life responsibility, besides my puppy and I suck at raising my fur baby Bentley who desperately needs to be trained, somebody help.

If you are still reading this post, you are probably realizing how overly dramatic I sound, and agree when I say, F the 30 year old rule book, STOP comparing yourself to others there is no set timeline. I've always made my own rules as I go along, why would I let societies norms consume me and make me feel less than. At times the things I've written above cross my mind, and then I realize we don't even know who wrote this playbook to life, who decided how things are supposed to fall into place. What I do know is that at 2 months away from 30 I love myself more now than I ever have, I believe in myself more than ever,and my confidence levels have risen. I'm starting to live life for me instead of being a people pleaser, I'm learning to just enjoy me with no one else around and I've learned that there is no traditional way to do things.

Everyone is not the type to be living the corporate life with 2.5 kids and a social media picture perfect life and marriage . I am here to make people laugh, to make people think, I am here to entertain, to write stories to share my world, "Jasmin's World to challenge society norms .

I don't know what 30 will bring me and I don't know if I'm ready or not but I do know that everyone has their own path, their own purpose and now that I've started to fine mine my life is truly falling into place and every day is a blessing. As of right now I'm working on being the best Daughter, Sister, Friend, Auntie ,God Mother and most importantly the best Jasmin I can be. LETS GET IT 30!!!

I have no idea wtf 30 will bring but Im curious to find out, who else is knocking on 30 what are some of your fears ?? share below

Until Next Time As always its Jasmin's World!!!!


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