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All Def Digital Movie Awards

        Last night I felt like I was living a dream, when my Lyft dropped me off and I got out the car to a swarm of beautiful Black people. For a second I just stood there taking in the surroundings looking at all the hustle and bustle , then I realized just how much I loved my life. A good friend Ron Taylor was one of the writers for the All Def Digital Awards so I got lucky enough to be invited to tag along. Well originally I was to sit in general admission which I was completely fine with until up walked one of my faves Tony Hinchclife ,who made me his plus one and I was immediately upgraded to VIP status.

Usually they have a red carpet at award shows but Russell Simmons felt the need to be different and instead there was a black carpet(and I'm here for it). As I said originally I was supposed to be in general admission so I didn’t even think about walking the black carpet, but Tony being the wonderful human that he is walked me down and introduced me to everyone that would listen. While he was doing his press he told the correspondent that I too was a great comedian, making it impossible to ignore me. I swear on the inside I was about to explode , even though I knew I wasn’t going on the carpet I read blogs to prepare myself anyway. So I was not caught off guard when I was asked a question about what I had done and what I had going on. Tony at this moment is at the top of my list of faves because instead of just being his beautiful arm candy he recognized me as a entertainer as well.

          After we made it through all the press I walked in to the Belasco and saw a beautiful scenery with tables and pictures on the seats. Because Russell is a vegan all of the food was as well and it was bomb down to the mini mac n non cheese. There were so many people in the building that I had been dying to meet for life I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Once again because I was upgraded to VIP I was in the second row  in the table right next to Snoop. I may not have officially smoked with Snoop but I smoked a blunt of his while he faced his own and it was AWESOME. I didn’t get to speak to as many people as I would have liked because I didn’t want to be “that girl” but I made eye contact with a lot of people, lol, including Ice Cube, LL Cool Jay and my fave Black Chyna we even shared a dance from across the room together.

The award show over all was a great experience I don’t want to ruin the actual show by talking about it but it will be on Fusion this Sunday.

What I got from yesterday was a sign from God telling me to be patient he got me, I needed a taste of this life as motivation. I have wanted to be in the entertainment business since I can remember and last night I felt like I had accomplished so much even though they forgot to give me any awards.

It took me 4 hours to get ready because I am my glam squad but I had a blast and I would change my experience for anything in the world.

And oh yeah the after party was Lit!!!!!!

At this point I guess I should say I’m going to write more blah blah blah but I am I promise I will and also catch the live version of this show every other Thursday 7pm on

As always its Jasmin’s World


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