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Jasmin Leigh is a force in comedy. As a comedian and co-host of the wildly popular podcast Peoples Party with Talib Kweli, Jasmin has made a name for herself with her quick wit and infectious energy. Her comedic talents have earned her two co-starring roles on Freeform's hit series, Good Trouble.

But Jasmin is a performer and a creative visionary and host of the monthly Cool Kids of Comedy show at the legendary World Famous Comedy Store. Her passion for comedy and commitment to uplifting new voices in the industry has made her a respected figure in the community.

Jasmin's web series, Jasmin's World, has garnered a devoted following with its irreverent takes on current events and pop culture. The show, which airs on [LINK], has allowed Jasmin to showcase her skills as an interviewer and host, as she brings her unique perspective to various topics.

In addition to her many accomplishments, Jasmin is also a fierce competitor. She has proven herself a worthy opponent on Comedy Central's Roast Battle, where her razor-sharp comebacks and fearless approach to roasting have earned her legions of fans.

Jasmin is also a recurring actress on Laff Mobs Laff Tracks, a show that highlights the best up-and-coming comedians in the country. Her talent for making people laugh has made her a sought-after host for events like Bethune Cookman University's Comedy Show, where she brings her infectious energy to nationwide audiences.

Overall, Jasmin Leigh is a true comedy powerhouse. Her unique perspective, unwavering work ethic, and unparalleled talent have made her a fstaple in the entertainment world. And with so many exciting projects on the horizon, it's clear that she's just getting started.


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