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What up beautiful people Happy Friday!!!

Thursday nights are my favorites because there are such cool shows to attend.  If you guys didn't know I'm a Comedian and I stalk comedy shows.. I hit up open mics on the daily but sometimes the Comedy God's Shine on me and bless me with a booked spot.  Yes stage time is stage time but booked shows > then open mics.  

One of the main perks of booked shows, you have a possibility of getting REAL people to show up... Not just a bunch of comics waiting for their turn who could give 2 s#!/$ what you have to say. Another perk of booked shows is DRINK TICKETS!!! which they give to comics that are not big enough to pay yet.. It's cool I do this for free anyway so I will take my free crown...

Ok any whom, I had a blast hitting the stage at Ice House Comedy Club in Pasedena. I talked about my wishes of being a stripper, my mom's good vagina and the fact that I hate friendly women... I love the shock factor that my comedy gives to my audience, let's be real I know I look 12 so they are always shocked at the filth that comes from my mouth.

Another cool thing about booked shows you get to share the stage with some heavy hitters.  And last night was no different I got to play with the host, Slink Johnson aka Black Jesus,  Clayton English ,from Last comic standing and Derrick Gaines.  These are all comics that I love to watch, learn from and grow from.  Hassani was the producer and I was so happy she booked me on the show it was literally funny from start to end.

The other thing I love about Thursdays is Crack em up Thursdays at the Comedy store.  I'm there almsot every Thursday,whether I'm hitting the stage or not it's a perfect place to mingle with fellow comics and enjoy a good show.  The Comedy Store is literally my second home and I can't wait to call it my comedy home.

I told yall I'm going to do a waaaaaaaay better job of letting you guys in my life so stay tuned and keep reading...

make sure you catch the live version of Jasmin's World this Thursday March 2nd at 6pm on 

in the mean time enjoy these pictures from my Thursday 

As always it's Jasmin's World 


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