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Who's obsessed with reality TV like real reality TV, I am and it don't get no reader then Lisa Vanderpump (I hope).

I have been a fan of BRAVOS Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because I want to live through them DUH! I watch reality TV all the time and it's always hard to tell if it's legit or not but a piece of me wants to believe it's all true 😍😍😍. Lisa has always been one of my favorite cast members because she's so extra super real and a restaurateur, something I plan to be in the future. I have been a server/waitress since 06 so when Vanderpump rules started 5 sea onset ago I was elated. No one understands restaurant drama unless you live it so I was so happy to see a reality show based around that. I’ve dated multiple computers workers had make up and break ups during busy shifts I’ve called out because I don’t want to work with an ex so of course I love seeing other people’s drama play put on TV.

I’ve lived in LA for almost 3 years and love hanging out in West Hollywood so I’m ashamed to say that up until last night I had yet to visit Sur. My cousin Kat who is my reality show addict partner in crime said she wanted to go to Sur for her birthday and I jumped at the chance.

Getting Ready

So you don’t just go to Sur wearing anything you have to look amazing so I had to find just the perfect thing to wear. I decided on a mini all black sweater dress and knee high tan suede boots. My friend Shadae felt like being a stylist so she helped me finalize my outfit and did my hair and makeup for the first time since my birthday I actually felt like a HAWT 29 year old.


OMG from stepping in on the red carpet to the overwhelmingly beautiful ambiance it was everything I imagined and more you just felt Fancy walking through the doors. The restaurant SCREAMED I AM LISA VANDERPUMP and I loved it l. Our first server was a little out of it but he was replaced with the amazingly cute Jessie he was adorable. Jessie knew the menu and the drama like it was second nature I was VERY impressed. For those who don’t know I’m a food snob but everything was tasty from the bread to the goat cheese balls to the lobster and crab ravioli I wouldn’t change anything about my experience except I didn’t get to see any of my favorite cast members. I will def be back on a busy day and will prob become a regular during happy hour you never know you might catch me on season 6.

All and all this experience was everything I imagined and I urge you all to check out SUR as well thank you Lisa and thank you readers time

Xoxo xoxo

Jasmin Leigh 

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