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Hollywood's Christmas Parade

OMG I FREEKIN LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! and not for the presents because I'm grown and single and not many gifts come my way.  I love Christmas because my favorite colors green, everything is silver and gold the music is catching and baby Jesus was born.

           Today I was recovering from my night, well morning ,of partying when I found out Hollywood was having a parade. I peeled myself out my bed bc I thought it was at 1pm FAIL!! I forgot how to read so I emded up  walking mad blocks with my pup just to have to walk back home, not without grabbing my fave Tender Greens first (mmmmmm).

Honestly once I laid back down to "nap" aka sleep until 8pm then be up all night,  I thought it was a done deal.  But I arose like a kid who gets presents  even more excited to watch the parade.

 I headed to Vine and Sunset and saw a Starbucks, I wanted to look super cool sitting on the street with my Starbucks hot cocoa but my prepaid card had other plans PHUCK PREPAID.  Imagine how embarrassing it is when you're in the store with your mini pup who has a blue tail and green antlers in front of a long ass line running and re-running your card that you're not sure if it's going to work and it takes 50 cents to check the balance. Thank God it was a sista at the register lmao. Yeah I laughed it off but long story short I'm one of the only people sitting out here without Starbucks ......But the good news is  I'm sitting here freezing my vagina off waiting for the parade and I'm really starting to enjoy living put here in LA I'm making it my home.

 Oh yeah  I was supposed to write I promise I will be more consistent blah blah blah but if you are reading this you already love me and I love you..... Hope yall feeling this super random post and the selfies I made Bentley Jay take . Parade pictures soon come but.....

until next time


Jasmin Leigh

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