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Vacation Time Bishes

Hey guys I have been working hard to get my life together and I need to figure out how to fix my life and brand at the same damn time.

Annny who I'm not here to make excuses I'm here to tell yall whats going on in Jasmin's World. Long story short I haven't seen my family in over a year, awwwww (insert mushiness here) and because my big sis is in a pole dance competition I get to see my Mom and 2 of my sisters. When you go on a trip you are forced to pack and because I did such a good job this time I decided to share some vacay packing tips.

I usually fly Jet Blue but this time I tried Southwest who offers not one but two free 2 free at 50lbs. They also had free wifi for TV or you could pay 8 bucks for unlimited wifi for the ride. I'm cheap and black so of course I went with the free. If your white and reading this DISCLAIMER! all black people are not cheap please don't repeat!! The best part of my flight was the free bottle of Jack Daniels that the flight attendant gave me. Overall JetBlue is my boo but Southwest can be my side piece.

My packing consists of me waiting until the last minute and then throwing everything that I won into a bag and praying that it all fits. My make up and jewelry is every where and I can never find anything without emptying all of the contents on the floor. This time I tried being an adult and actually folded everything and used big, medium and large ziplock bags to organize myself. It took a little bit more time than I'm used to but when I opened my bag this morning I knew exactly what I wanted to pull out.

I gotta go because I just got to Nashville and Im supposed to be spending time with my sister love you all and stay tuned for cool pics and updates from my trip

Until Next Time

xoxoxox Jasmin Leigh

I haven't seen my family in over a year and now its finally time to go visit.

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