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Explain Please Reblog from 2012

Explain Please!!!

There is no need to explain what is already understood...... I'm not sure where this saying comes from but an ex of mine would always say this, ironically during my FB watching today I saw someone else with this same saying and it got me thinking. How do you know someone cares if they never tell you, actions speak louder then words yes but they can be confusing. Personally I have an active imagination and perception is everything so unless I have the words to go along with the picture, there are a number of different scenarios I could come up with that explained how you feel. I don't know about all of you but I need to know whats going on in my partners head I'm not a mind reader and whenever I attempt to it ends in failure Now Thats Food 4 Thought!!!

Posted 10th October 2012 by Jasmin Patterson

Wow Im sitting here like I need to write and I don't know where I want to go so I decided to visit an old blog post of mine. Trying to be a mind reader has to be the hardest thing in the world when its so much easier to tell people how you feel. Life is so short and people come and go so why not put minds at ease and say what it is.

I for one am tired of dating people or non dating people where I don't know where I stand actions can be misread. You could think someone loves you by all the nice things they do, and you could think someone hates you for all the wrong shit they do. But I tell you what would be easier open your mouth and release it will make the world a better place. Today my emotions are a little scattered I tried to sit here and write something "funny" but you cant force the funny. The good thing about Jasmin's World is that I can disclose whatever I want hope something I was feeling today gives someone insight or makes them open up their mouth and speak.

OH you Care!!!

Until Next time xoxoxo

Jasmin Leigh

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