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WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN UNO STOPS BEING FUN AND STARTS GETTING SERIOUS?? Watch J2quared Productions very first project a comedic sketch titled "UNO Mafia."

Everybody has that one friend who doesnt know how to play a friendly game of cards, in my case none of my friends know how to play a friendly game of cards. Spades is as serious as the NFL Superbowl but one would think that UNO would be a little less hectic. WRONG!! once there is money on the table the game gets serious. So those many nights of staying up playing non friendly games of UNO, birthed the idea of "UNO Mafia." My business partner and I Jessica Lynn Diaz literally created the concept while playing a wild and crazy game of UNO. We are in love with the ending result and our so proud to present our first J2quared Productions project "UNO Mafia" We know that you will love it and share it and comment and tell your friends how much you love us sooooooo ENJOY!!!


Untill Next time xoxoxoxo

Jasmin Leigh

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