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Yoooooo what up people??

How you doing ?Happy Thursday! Hope no body embarrassed you with a picture of that day you couldnt find your contacts so you had to wear bifocals and had pizza that was too hot so when you bit it the sauce slid down your shirt because you were trying to save your tongue and you didnt realize you shrunk your pants but wore them anyway because you said they would strecth as the day went on but they didn't. Yeah I know sounds like a lot but somewhere that exact thing happened to someone Im just thank ful it wasnt me... but any way I digress.

My homie and Squad member Brandon 91 Johnson is a bomb ass choreographer and blessed us with a class yesterday to the song power. Lets just say Im more than rusty and thank God there were foriegners in the class so I wasnt the absolute worse. But even though I kept messing up on that one step damn near at the end of the dance I had a blast.

All of my friends are talented but what touched me was the amount of us that showed up to support our homie 91. See when your friends have dreams its our job to cultivate them it takes a village to raise a child and takes a Squad to take over Hollywood.

I love my friends and even though we all drive each other crazy we cant live without each other yesterday was a true act of #SQUADING


until next time xoxoxoxoxox

Jasmin Leigh

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