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Listen to Understand not to get your turn

What up people yeah yeah I know, Jasmin you need to be more proactive on your blog otherwise no one will give two s**** about it. DUH ! Tell me soemthing I dont know.... Or how about I tell you something you don't know ,or what it seems people dont know . Nothing drives me more crazy then when someone asks me what is wrong, I tell them (and its usally like pulling teeth to tell), then they negate my feelings. See the thing is when YOU are asking ME what is wrong, that means you want to LISTEN to what is wrong becuase you shouldnt be asking questions you dont want to know the answer to anyway!!!

Dont tell me I'm being stupid or sensitive or that such and such is going through the same thing and they dont care PAUSE ,did you ask me or them??

ADVICE! Next time you ask one of your friends whats ailing them LISTEN!!! Don't say a word just sit there and let them vent ,let them complain until you can barely take it ,let them scream until their head flys off. You know what your doing, your being a friend this is what you signed up for sometimes people dont need advice they dont want to know why they are wrong for feeling how they are feeling. They just want you to be a friend, I know we are all guilty of forgetting that we are friends I know I do, but we must get our shit together and close our mouths. Empathy goes a long way practice it and your friendships will be a lot smoother. Just remember you signed an imaginary friendship creed once you decide to use the F word so be a good friend or when that friend dies they will haunt you in your dreams. booooo boooooo boooo


until next time xoxoxox

Jasmin Leigh

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