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Took my weave out

OMG after 5 months of constant wear and tear on my hair I finally decided to give myself a break. I found myself walking around with an old dry looking weave just because I couldnt afford to buy another one. Then as I was sitting down relaxing with a jay, as I tend to do, I realized hey Dumb Ass you have hair of your own. The whole reason I went nautral was to be able to embrace the beauty God gave me and not let the outside world tell me what beauty is. Ive worked hard on this hair on my head for almost 2 years yet I was afraid to let it out becuase I had gotten to used to how I looked with weave. I would rather walk around with a dry old weave instead embracing my own hair yeah sounds stupid.

See i didnt grow up with what people call "good hair" so sometimes I have to remind myself that my hair is beautiful. Lets not let the media tell us what beauy is lets reach deep down in ourselves and just be. Just Be what feels natural and I promise you that will be the most beautful you you can be.

I promise I wont read so deep into these posts and just share and express what I am feeling


xoxoxoxo until next time

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