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WOMEN ARE CRAZY Venting Session

AHHHHHHH men I know you literally just want to scream and pull every hair folicle out(if you have some) after dealing with a crazy female. In order for me to go any further I must come out the closet....for those who dont kbow me Im a queer, Im gender fluid, Im a black younger Ellen and if you still didnt get it IM GAY!!!

Let me get this straught Im not about to women bash BUT yall are freekin crazy. Ive been dealing with an ex for about 6 years, yes Im crazy if thats what you were thiking, i clearly cant get enough.

Well yesterday she calls me to tell me that she doesnt think we should talk anymore because she doesnt know me and i dont know her and blah blah blah. Now if this was the FIRST time shes said that then maybe I would have put up a fight. Instead this is 1,234,567,789,00000000 time she has said this to me. So its a New Year new me Right so(well II tried anyway) instead of arguing with her I said ok then lets not talk, I dont want to be in anyones life that doesnt want me to be.... She then preceededs to tell me how much I, me yes me the one thats been on her female d*** for years, never fights for her. FLAT LINE!!!! Did you not just tell me you dont think its good that we talk???

Ladies my ladies its important for us to communicate what we feel if you want attention SAY THAT ISH, if your feeling neglected SAY THAT ISH, if you want sex please like for real for real (so nice said it twice) SAY THAT ISH!!!!! I hate to say it but today after dealing with my ex, who Im prob going to call again as soon as I finish writing this ( yes I know Im crazy duh Im a woman) MEN GET A POINT!!! I dont know how you deal with us because Im a woman and I dont know how I date women...wait yes I do they are beautful creatires and soft and sexy and they give great massages I digress, annnnnd thats enough for today this was a vent session I have those sometimes but if its in my head I want to share thats why I have a blog DUHHHHHHH!!!

Love you all and thanks for stopping by my world


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