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I've always loved playboy and have had dreams of Heph spotting me in the street ,buying me some boobs and making me a playboy bunny. it hasn't happened yet but there's still time and I still want boobs, #seriousstatement , yes I hashtag in my daily non social media life but I digress.

Recently I was given the opportunity to guest host the "Clayton Thomas Against the World Show" which airs on none other than Playboy Radio "Screams." Then I found out I was going to be on the show with Power Rangers!!! OMG please let me take a second to be overly excited, extra corny and completely star struck I met FREEKIN Power Rangers.

It was crazy walking through the doors of the super sexy Playboy radio studio, it was everything you would imagine , bright, huge and everything looked fresh out the box. The producers were smiling, oh wait I forgot the most important part, Playboy bunnies and models in lingerie I was in heaven. I love being surrounded by beautiful women that are comfortable in their own very visable skin.

Speaking of beautiful women I got to share the experience with my partner in crime and other 1/2 of J2productions Jessica Lynn Diaz .

Clayton's super personal segment was my favorite part of the show where he asked unaskable (made up word) questions and it had everyone on there toes. The whole experience was surreal and I had to take a step back and say, "OMG Jasmin you were just on Playboy radio 1" for the rest of your life you can always say that.

I have the wonderful Clayton Thomas to thank for this experience this guy is an amazing host, talented actor hilarious comedian and genuine friend, which is so hard to find these days. If your in the LA area make sure your at the Improv THIS Saturday to watch him headline .

I love this journey to stardom that I'm on and appreciate every step towards hollywood domination I receive.


Until Next Time

Jasmin Leigh

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