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IM BACK B!+(#$ !!!!!

Ok so I had a blog that I LOVED !!!

which I hadn't visited in uhhh about 2 years (don't judge me) BUT!! I realized Ive MISSED you guys tremendously...

There is so much going on in my life at the time and I wish I could catch you all up all at once BUT who the hell wants to read a 30 page post??? def NOT ME ...

So I willl give you the shortest version possible.

I LIVE IN LA NOW!!! bye bye Sunny Miami Im in the city of Angels now ...

See I told yall its been a LOOOONG time..

But for those who DONT know me Im JASMIN LEIGH a LA based Actress and Comedian and CHEF!! (Oh how I love to say LA based muhahaha) who freekin LOVES to write.. Like I mentioned above I used to have a blog until this dumb a$$ hacker locked me out of it and you have to pay way too much to google to get it back F YOU HACKERS!!!!

But(Damn I say But alot my english teachers hate me right now) my last blog was pretty much sharing my thoughts on WHATEVER!!.... This blog will be doing the same thing BUT (damn again Jasmin) I Will be getting more personal.... I want you guys to know what I go through on the day to day of living in LA trying to make it BIG!!! I want to share my life with you all so this will be my diary, my vent space, my place to be mushy, angry, happy, horney WHATEVER!!! I want you guys to see the world through JASMIN LEIGH'S eyes so sit back enjoy the ride and if you want to hear my VIEW on ANYTHING HIT ME UP dont be scurred I dont bite UNNNNNLESSS you want me too (fishtank speak) Oh and before I go you will be hearing a lot about or from fishtank who is my alter ego dont try and understand the nick name just enjoy the RIIIIIIIDDDDDEEE!!!


love you all


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