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Ohhhh how I love Thursdays and not just because of ABC but because of CEP or Crack Em Up Thursdays Comedy Show.{By the way Im ready to have my addictions back ABC, I'm having drama withdrawals and its starting to affect my personal life}

Every week around 10pm I rush over to the World Famous Comedy Store to catch the hilarious Crack em Up show. The producer Nichelle Murdock books some of LA's funniest and not so funny comics who come to develop their material in the Belly Room. Crack em up right now is the only "black show" that is consistently shown at the Comedy Store. There used to be two but there could only be one token Black show so someone had to go. I go every week because its a great place to meet up with fellow comics, trade jokes ,work on new material and pretend that Im being productive by hanging out talking all night.

Since moving to LA Ive constantly heard about the importance of energy and being around people who make you better. Well Crack Em Up provides a place for newer comics like me to soak up tips and share stages with headliner comics who tour all over the US oh my fault WORLD.

Being in the Green room on a Thursday nights makes me feel like Im at home, there is always loud yelling,someone being called stupid, a baby crying, random unneccessary debates from politics to who won the Drake Week Mill beef, (although I still dont understand how anyone could think that Week won) and hurt feelings. You better not walk in wearing shoes that can be classified under the "WHAT ARE THOSE CATEGORY" because you will be embarrassed. Being in the Green room on a Thursday is like a family reunion except theres candy instead of food and everyone is fighting over sniker bars instead of fried chicken. I look forward to Nichelle running in the room trying to tell us to be quiet (mostly me)becuase the Green room door doesnt close(fix the damn door) and when you get too many black people together its always loud as hell. Ima be honest if its just me in the room its loud as hell ,if I was a super hero screaming would be my power and I would kill the villans by bursting there ear drums .

Last night Terrance Delane opened and had the crowds energy up early Ron Taylor hosted the show and KILLED the stage with his quick tongue and rated triple X humor, Justin Hires from the upcoming series "Rush Hour" on CBS shared stories about his daughter that would leave anyone dying with laughter .Esau the usaul host cant do anything but murder the crowd and we had some funny ladies of comedy hit the stage as well.

I literally look forward to this show every Thursday and not just because I open it every other week, SHAMELESS PLUG !!just because its an amazing show. LA Comics go check out this room LA lovers of comedy, tourists, randoms come through to the Belly Room every Thursday night at 10 tell them Jasmin Leigh sent you!


until next time xoxoxoxoxoxo

Crack Em Up Comedy Show

Thursdays 10pm at The World Famous Comedy Store

Jasmin Leigh

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