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Jasmin Leigh is an LA based Actress, Comedian and Producer who is currently taking the comedy scene by storm!  Reared in Roosevelt, NY and Tallahassee, FL, she is gifted with both southern charm, and a take-charge personality. 


      Acting on a dare, Jasmin Leigh's comedy career began on an open mic, but immediately became something Jasmin craved.  Because life is truly funnier than fiction, Jasmin Leigh currently stars in a web based talk show, aptly entitled Jasmin's World.  Conceived  as her brain child when she was a child, Jasmin's World invites viewers into Jasmin Leigh's creative mind through, interviews, skits, and all types of "life funny fiction."




  "Cool Kids of Comedy" is a traveling comedy show created, hosted and produced  by  the hilarious, Jasmin Leigh as seen on, "The Peoples Party" with Talib Kweli, Comedy Central and TruTV. This is a comedy show for the "Cool Kids" who love comedy thats refreshing, relatable and roll on the floor funny .  Come enjoy LIVE comedy that is  featuring some of the U.S.  most talented rising stars and Headliners from around the world.

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People’s Party co-host Jasmin Leigh: I rather have American-Mexican food than official Mexican food — like Taco Bell, I need cheese on my tacos I’m sorry!


Talib Kweli: Did you just say Taco Bell? Did you just do a Taco Bell commercial on my show?


Bun B: I feel like you just alienated every Mexican listener and viewer of this podcast talking about American Mexican food. What is American Mexican Food? That’s like some Italian Japanese food, I don’t know what that means.


Jasmin: Out here you go to the food trucks and they have just the meat, cilantro, and onion. I’m like, “where is the lettuce, the tomato, the everything else, the cheese?”


Bun B: That’s a traditional Mexican street taco! You want taco bell, so you’re going to get all the cheese and onions and everything but I don’t know if you get meat. That’s the problem.


Author’s note: While I can’t speak for every Mexican-American person, we’re still cool Jasmin. I like cheese on my tacos too and I’d never turn down some Taco Bell.