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All YOU need is YOU

My whole life I have felt left out like I didn't fully belong from my family, friends, jobs, teams,associates etc. I often sit and wonder why certain people don't reach out to me or why I see pictures of "friends" at gatherings I knew nothing about. My feelings always get hurt but Jasmin never admits that so I always make up some reason to make me feel better. But now Im realizing that Im just different I wasn't made to fit in or follow other peoples beats and thats ok. If people forget to include me its their loss not mine. I have to stop taking other peoples actions so personally and realize that at every second of my life Im exactly where I need to be with who I need to be with and sometimes thats by myself.....For a long time Ive been a people pleaser tricking people to be my friends through various eays of bribing but Im done with that. Im so flawed but Im also the coolest person I know that should never have to beg people to be around her ... ...I post my thoughts to help others who may feel the same

The above was a Facebook post from Sunday I decided to share with you all keep in mind you are all you need, besides the obvious GOD!!!

LA is really forcing me to get to know myself so here I am an open book for all of you hope this helps someone out


Until next time xoxox

Jasmin Leigh

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